Progress Report

The Steering Group has now met twice since it’s formation and has formally adopted a Constitution, setting out its aims and objectives.

The Group have divided into a number of sub-groups, each focussing on a specific task. These include Publicity, Business Plan, Fundraising and Suppliers.

The Group hopes to make their initial plans public within the next  4 weeks.

The Steering Group

After a number of exploratory meetings, a Steering Group has been formed to take the project forward. At its first formal meeting, the following Officers were elected.

Chair – Stephen Hawkins
Secretary – Genevieve Parkes
Treasurer – Jane Marriott

Other Members – Anne Andrews, Sybil Bacica, Diana Cairns, Charlie Cavaye, Angela Downey, Ian HumphreyElise Rayner

The stated objectives of the Group are:

The aim of the organisation shall be to establish a co-operative greengrocer business for the benefit of the community in Portobello, Joppa and the surrounding area, and to provide a forum for all those who wish to engage with that process.

Hello world!

Following the closure of Portobello’s last dedicated Greengrocers shop, a group of local residents have got together to try and open a community run, co-operative store selling fresh fruit and vegetables.